Pre-Employment Screening from Per Mar Security

Pre-Employment Screening

Screening prospective candidates for employment can be a laborious process. Pre-Employment Screening from Per Mar Security Services makes the job simple. At Per Mar, we have the experience and expertise necessary to help you find the right people for your business, but without the hassle.

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Protect Your Business With Pre-Employment Screenings

Background CheckStatistics vary, but one thing is for certain, a large number of individuals falsify, exaggerate or omit major details that may alter their eligibilty for employment with your business. Per Mar helps to identify these candidates, effectively streamlining your employment search.

Our safeguard program allows us to evaluate each candidate. 


With Per Mar’s Pre-Employment Screening you will have a more complete history of your applicants based on reliable information. Let us help you lower your turnover, reduce thefts and accidents, and protect your integrity.

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