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At Per Mar Security Services, we are dedicated to protecting your business' assets, employees and customers. We go above and beyond to make sure your business is secure and we offer reliable, trustworthy security solutions for businesses of every size.  For a complete list of all security services offered, please visit our Electronic Security for your Business page. 

As an added level of protection, you can now add or remove users from your contact list and perform many other functions from the comfort of your home via any web browser using Central Station Online.

24 Hour Service

With Per Mar, your business is monitored 24 hours a day, every day, by only highly trained and experienced professionals.
Burglar & Fire Alarm Systems

Per Mar installs and monitors state-of-the-art intrusion systems to serve as one of your first lines of protection against break-ins.
Elevator Communications

Ensure the safety of everyone in your building with 24-hour two-way elevator communications from Per Mar.
Environmental Monitoring

Receive notification of environmental changes on your property as soon as they occur to prevent damage before it happens.
Fire Inspections

Let Per Mar ensure your fire system is up to code and operating safely.
Medical Alert Device (PERS)

Enjoy more independence and greater peace of mind with personal emergency response services from Per Mar.
GSM Radio Service

When the power or phone lines fail, your system won’t. Stay protected with Per Mar's radio backup solutions.
Total Connect

No matter where life may take you, stay connected to your business and operations with Per Mar's Total Connect services.
UL Certified Systems

Per Mar installs the most advanced and reliable systems available. You can know your business is protected by only the best.
Verified Response

Verify the situation of your next alarm event with video verification and response solutions from Per Mar.
Video Monitoring

Secure your business with live 24/7 Video Monitoring from Per Mar Security.
All Electronic Security Services

Complete list of all electronic security services.

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