Charity Fund

Per Mar Security has a long-established tradition of giving monetary support to organizations that work to alleviate community problems and strengthen cultural and educational programs within the communities we operate. For that reason, we have established our own Charity Fund.

Chartered in 1980, Per Mar’s Charity Fund is an internal account funded completely by employees and the company. We whole heartedly believe in this cause. That is why from January 1, 2001 forward, Per Mar continues to match every employee contribution dollar-for-dollar, which enables all of us to do more for our communities! To date, contributions total $1.2 million and counting!!

All disbursements are decided upon by the Charity Fund Committee, which holds meetings once a month and makes disbursements accordingly. Employees are strongly encouraged to participate and those who are passionate about an organization may request the committee to consider a contribution to that organization.

Numerous organizations and service clubs (ranging from the Ronald McDonald house, public libraries, art museums, and environmental groups) receive contributions from the Charity Fund!

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