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Anytime your business is faced with internal or external theft and loss of profits, the situation is sensitive and should be handled in an effective and professional manner.  Professional Business Investigations from Per Mar Security Services can assist you with reviewing any situation and help you find solutions to fix or prevent future profit loss.

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Professional Business Investigation ServicesSince 1953 Per Mar Services' Professional Investigative team continue to provide business solutions for corporations all around the country. We work in conjunction with insurance companies, law firms, as well as both large and small businesses as a third party professional and licensed investigator.  The challenges facing a business’ safety, security, workforce or bottom line requires them to figure out the who, what, why, where, when and how did something occur. This is when Per Mar's expert Investigations team steps in.

Services Offered

Business Fraud Investigations
Detection of business fraud whether at the hands of an employee through background investigations, surveillance, covert cameras, or undercover operations. This is useful in pursuit of false worker’s compensation claims, employee theft, embezzlement, etc.

Undercover Employee Investigations
Placement of an undercover investigator posing as an employee for the purpose of obtaining evidence/information concerning possible illegal activities or improprieties within a workplace environment.

Interviewing/Interrogation Services
Administration of interviews conducted by trained investigators, designed to obtain information from single or multiple sources. These interviews can be taped and/or recorded electronically.

Due Diligence Investigations
Examination of the financial history of a business or corporation prior to a pending merger or investment. This is designed to identify potential risks accompanying the purchase or merger of a business entity.

Gray Market Investigations
Investigation of claims of products being sold in an unauthorized manner. Evidence may be obtained through surveillance, undercover operations, product marking, etc.

Security Auditing/Vulnerability Assessments
Comprehensive and individualized analysis of the possible vulnerability to your company and employees to help avoid falling victim to identity theft, theft of information, internal financial crimes, and workplace liability claims. This identifies areas of concern and includes proposed remedies.

Secret Shopper Customer Service Assessments
“Secret” evaluation of business establishment’s employee performance, customer service, money-handling, or any issue of concern within the establishment.

Seminars/Business Consulting
Presentation of seminars to your company on a variety of topics including identity theft, employee theft, and workplace violence.

Covert Camera/DVR Rental
Covert camera systems are tailored for individual applications in order to obtain evidence of impropriety, harassment, theft, etc.

We are here to help you find solutions, whether assessing your firm's vulnerabilities or providing answers to your specific concerns. We offer unbiased and effective investigations to help you resolve the problems plaguing your business and profits.

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